Welcome to the EATAW 2021 virtual conference

To join a conference session via Zoom, please click on its icon in the conference programme below. Before joining a session, you will be asked for entering your e-mail and names.
  • Zoom Webinar sessions (presentations / green icons) – after entering your details, you will be admitted to the virtual room automatically.
  • Zoom Meetings sessions (workshops, symposia, themed discussions, keynotes / orange, blue, violet, and red icons) – after entering your details, you will be redirected to a waiting room and admitted to the virtual room with a short delay. Most of the symposia, workshops, and themed discussions have limited capacity. Attendees, who have registered for these sessions in advance, will be prioritised. 
  • EATAW General Assembly – a password/unique link will be necessary for entering the session. The password/link will be sent to all EATAW members registered for the conference on July 7.  
The virtual rooms open 5–10 minutes before the scheduled time of the session.

The conference sessions (except for the breakout rooms) will be recorded. The recordings will be made available to the registered participants after the conference.

Please note that prior registration including payment of the registration fee is required.
If you wish to register during the conference, please visit the Registration section of the website. You will be admitted to the conference ASAP after completing your registration and payment.


Q&A will follow after each presentation. If you wish to ask a question, you can do it in two ways:
  • in writing via the Q&A (Webinar) or Chat (Meetings) functions available in the Zoom control panel
  • using the "raise hand" function for direct questions to the speakers (again, you will find it on the control panel); if the chair calls you on, please unmute your microphone and ask the question.

If you participate in discussions, please use headphones to avoid echoes.

Time zone

Central European Summer Time (Moscow +1 hour, London –1 hour, New York –6 hours)



Wednesday, July 7









12.50–13.30 Lunch break




15.30–16.00 Afternoon break

Thursday, July 8 









12.00–12.50 Lunch break / Meet the EATAW Board candidates in the Virtual foyer (12.15)

A link to the Zoom meeting was sent to all EATAW members registered for the conference on July 8. If you haven't received the e-mail, please contact us.




14.30–15.00 Afternoon break

Please bring several large pieces of paper as well as markers or pens for individual and group activities.